How to Use the Waiver Wire

This walkthrough video shows you the proper way to put in your fantasy football waiver claims and help you get the best players possible before waivers go through in your league. The steps shown in this video will also help in preventing your opponents from improving their rosters. Knowing how to use the waiver wire will help win more matchups in fantasy football. This video is an inside look at my team in the Fantasy Couch league which is an ESPN league, but these concepts apply to all the major sites, including and Yahoo.

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to play fantasy football, watch this video first.

It’s the small things that help you win!

Here is a recap of the six steps to putting in your waiver claims that were mentioned in the video:

  1. Put as many IR-eligible players in the IR spots to free up roster space.
  2. Look at your waiver order and your remaining acquisitions and FAAB (if any).
  3. Look at your opponents’ rosters, especially the opponent you are facing this upcoming matchup.
  4. What are your needs? Which player(s) & position(s) do you need?
  5. Watch my weekly waiver videos for ranked adds at every position.
  6. Prioritize your waiver claims.
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