How to Play Fantasy Football Video Tutorial

Right after you watch this video on how to play fantasy football, you will be able to start participating in the nation-wide obsession. This video is intended for beginners, and will walk you through this journey from the very beginning. I focus specifically on NFL fantasy football (not college football and not soccer).

This video will give you a definition of fantasy football and what it is. Then it will reveal how to get started, what all they hype is about the draft and also tips on how to manage your team and ultimately win a championship.

Resources for Fantasy Football Beginners

If this is your first time playing, you probably want to join a league rather than create one or be a league manager (commissioner). The three most popular sites to join are: ESPN, Yahoo and Other sites include CBSSports and MFL. Sites like FanDuel are DFS (daily fantasy sports) websites and we’re focused on season-long fantasy football leagues, not DFS. The fastest way to get started is to go to one of the popular sites and select ‘Join a League’.

Before you join a league I suggest you do some research and preparation:

  1. First thing you want to look it is ADP (average draft position). ADP tells you where players are recently being drafted, on average.
  2. You can look at our rankings to see which players we recommend selecting first. You can also look at our rankings by position if you click ‘QB’ for example, you will see only the rankings for quarterbacks.
  3. And lastly, you want to do mock drafts. You can do a mock draft on ESPN or any other site. I recommend if you’re actual draft is on Yahoo, than mock draft using the Yahoo Mock Draft Lobby.

Mock Drafts do take a long time, so I recommend you use the Draft Wizard Draft Simulator, so you can do a mock draft in five minutes!

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