About Fantasy Couch

Fantasy Couch was established in 2008 and is the largest independent fantasy sports website. Our goal is to be the best fantasy sports resource and guide for fantasy football, fantasy basketball and fantasy baseball. The staff at Fantasy Couch consists of business professionals, entrepreneurs, producers, videographers, web designers and a knowledgeable team of sports writers who maintain a genuine passion for sports.

“Fantasy Sports the fun way!”

Why Trust Fantasy Couch?

We appreciate every single one of our 100,000+ fans and we are dedicated to answer each and every fantasy sports question we receive. We take pride in helping others learn, improve and ultimately win championships. We’d love to answer your fantasy sports questions. For the fastest response, contact us via Twitter @fantasycouch or if you don’t have Twitter, you can contact us here.

“We treat your team like it’s our own”

Fantasy Couch in Action

We take winning seriously, but why not have fun while doing it.

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Our Promise to You

Fantasy sports (and sports in general) is an escape from reality. It’s a hobby that you can fully immerse in, and have some competitive fun. People seriously enjoy this pastime and we seriously enjoy helping people win their leagues while also providing fans with entertainment within the sports culture.

Fantasy Couch will never endorse a product or service we don’t believe in. We will never give you advice that we wouldn’t take ourselves. We have gotten flak in the past because we do things a little different and have different ideas. We stuck with it and overtime have gained the trust of our fans and respect of many others within the sports industry.

We Keep it Social

Come sit on The Couch! Join the fun and hop on our social media channels for exclusive giveaways, contests, funny and informative content, prizes and more.

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Meet the Team

Huseyin “The Brain” Aksu

CEO, Co-founder, Webmaster, Chief Editor
Fantasy CouchHuseyin answers the football questions on the @fantasycouch Twitter account, films the videos and administrates the website.

Snapchat: HuseyinTheBrain

Mike Mital

Co-founder, Writer
Mike and Huseyin came up with the idea of Fantasy Couch in 2008. Mike believes that “hard work and dedication” is what got Fantasy Couch to where it is now. He has an unmatched passion for the sport of basketball and pays close attention to individuals who have reached a high level of success in pro sports.

Email:  mike@fantasycouch.com
Twitter: @MikeMital