10 Tips for Fantasy Football Auction Drafts

Fantasy Football Auction Draft Strategy

Here are my Top 10 tips to help you crush it in your fantasy football auction draft.

  1. Have a pre-determined draft strategy, but be prepared to pivot
  2. Spend up on one or two studs
  3. Nominate players you don’t want
  4. Never nominate your sleepers
  5. Don’t have money remaining when the draft ends
  6. Look at other owners’ rosters and remaining money
  7. Put bids in with only 1 or 2 seconds left
  8. Spend only $1 on kickers and defenses
  9. Don’t hesitate to nominate a defense or kicker early
  10. Bid up on players but be very cautious!

Check out the recent 12-man auction mock draft we did in with the Fantasy Couch Fanatics Facebook Group.

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