Waiver Adds for Week 17

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Adds for Week 17 (2016)

I didn’t want to leave those of you hanging you play fantasy football Week 17 and decided to make a video for those of you still competing! These are my top 44 waiver wire adds for Week 17! Let’s start off this video with last week’s biggest fantasy disappointments in a segment we like to call Fantasy Woes. After we go over some of Week 16’s biggest fantasy football problems, I reveal my waivers ranked by position. I also including streaming options for team defenses.

Fantasy Football CouchCast
To listen to the weekly fantasy football podcast, CouchCast, click here. Last week we had some technical difficulties and couldn’t record, but this week we plan to hop back on the CouchCast train! New waiver wire video every Tuesday! New podcast episode every early Wednesday morning (more like late Tuesday night).

To watch a video of me putting in waiver claims and showing how waivers are done properly click here.

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