Fantasy Football Trade Tips

Our Top 7 Fantasy Football Trade Tips

These seven trade tips will increase your chances of having your trade be accepted, coming out of your trade as the winner and ultimately helping you win your fantasy football league! Some of these tips and strategies also will help you not look like a fool.

The 7 fantasy football trade tips covered in this video:

  1. Study your opponents’ teams. Identify their weaknesses and strengths.
  2. Know your needs and strengths. Only focus on teams that have what you want and vice versa.
  3. Always try to buy low/sell high!
  4. Don’t propose too many lopsided, suspicious trades or nobody will trade with you.
  5. Look at the upcoming schedule of all the players involved in the trade.
  6. Try not to give the top teams more firepower–they just might beat you down the road.
  7. Don’t get too cute when trading. Trying to trade half your team all at once or involving kickers/defenses will look suspicious and might cause your trade to get declined or vetoed.
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Master Yoda knows what’s up

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