2016 Fantasy Football Top 300 Player Rankings Separated by Position and Tier

This top 300 list is viewable, downloadable or printable. It was originally designed for offline (in-person) drafts but many people use it for online fantasy football drafts as well. Below you will find instructions and basic strategy on how to use your top 300 list. The link to your list is just below the instructions and basic strategy.


  • Print this list and bring it to your draft
  • On most computers, go to File then click Print to print your top 300 list
  • Cross off every name that is drafted
  • When you draft a player, write his name, position and bye week on the right side of the page

Basic Strategy

Using only overall rankings on draft day has many flaws. For instance, if you drafted if you drafted an elite quarterback and tight end, you don’t want to waste your time looking at tons of QBs and TEs in the overall rankings. This go-to list is separated by position and tier for a reason.

When drafting, you actually want to draft the most valuable player, not necessarily the player who will give you the most fantasy points. This is why valuable players like Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown are drafted ahead of players like Cam Newton, who will get far more fantasy points then the stud TE and WR. This is where tiers come to play. If a player is the last available player at his position, he becomes far more valuable, and this makes him a much better candidate to draft. If you notice, Gronkowski and Brown are already the last players in their respective tiers before the draft even starts.

Top 300 Players – Click Below

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Fans with their top 300 lists on Instagram
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