Fantasy Football Mock Draft Tips

Video: The Art of Mock Drafting

Most people only know one or two ways on how to use mock drafts to prepare for your actual fantasy football draft. In this video, I will show you four creative and effective ways to practice the art of drafting before your league’s draft date. Traditional fantasy football mock drafts have flaws and usually won’t be nearly as competitive as the real thing, especially if you’re in a money league. These negative aspects influenced me to find new ways to practice drafting and create this video. These tips can also apply to other fantasy sports as well.

  1. Traditional Mock Drafts: To participate in a traditional mock draft, just go to the ESPN Mock Draft Lobby or Yahoo Mock Draft Lobby. Try to join mock drafts where the configurations and settings are as close to your league’s as possible.
  2. Draft Results: I will be posting several draft results on for you to see.
  3. Free, Public, Real Draft (for Practice): Join a free fantasy football league anywhere you’d like and draft.
  4. Draft Simulator: Here is a link to the DraftWizard
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