Video: How to play fantasy baseball

Fantasy Couch hosts, Huseyin “The Brain” Aksu and Andrew Eggers, reveal the three keys for beginners to see success in fantasy baseball.

How to play fantasy baseball for beginners


The following topics are covered in this video:

  • Getting started with fantasy baseball
  • Settings and league types
  • The draft
  • The waiver wire
  • Trades
  • Managing your lineup
  • Be a fantasy baseball champion

The two most popular places on the Internet to play fantasy baseball are: ESPN and Yahoo.

The video also has a closed captioning feature, so you can watch it even if you can’t turn up the volume or have trouble hearing. Even so, if you prefer the written version here is the article: How to play fantasy baseball. If you’re in a league with your buddies and you’re ready to be the champ, then you need this fantasy baseball championship belt!

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