How to win your league in 2022

How to win your fantasy football league in 2022 (Livestream Replay)

There are 100 fantasy football analysts that’ll tell you to draft Player A and 100 fantasy analysts that’ll tell you not to draft Player A. The game is flooded with information and focuses far too much on which players will be good in fantasy football and which players will be busts.

Predictions are wrong a lot of the time though but there are proven draft strategies to help you win your leagues. Knowing how to draft from certain draft positions in a snake draft, knowing your opponents and using your league’s roster & scoring settings to your advantage. Let your league mates make dumb decisions and increase your chances of winning.

I did a recent livestream “How to win your fantasy football league in 2022” the other day and it got the most positive feedback out of any video/stream I’ve done all year. I will give you some of the cliff notes here, but I highly recommend watching the replay (you can watch at 1.25x speed to save time).

In this video, I explained:

  • I try to get a Top 6 WR, otherwise I don’t ever reach for WR
  • Why drafting Kelce is risky in a 12-team league
  • Why you should reach for Kelce in an 8-teamer
  • How to draft from the 1st and 2nd spots
  • How to draft from the middle
  • Why 9/10/11/12 are my favorite draft positions
  • Draft one of my sleeper kickers in the last round
  • Draft a defense with a good Week 1 matchup in the 2nd to last round (3rd to last is OK too)
  • Being the 1st team to draft a QB is the fastest way to lose your league (in a 1QB league)
  • Take risks and go for home run players in the later rounds (and mid-late rounds)

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