Week 7 Rankings Fantasy Football 2019

Weekly Fantasy Football Rankings – Week 7 (2019)

These are my fantasy football rankings for Week 7 of the 2019 NFL season. I wanted to try something different this year and I plan on doing these weekly ranking videos every Thursday, before the TNF game kicks off. Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts about the video or Week 7 matchups/rankings.

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  1. Thanks for these rankings, Brain! I always read them on Thursdays. Could you share a bit more about your ranking of David Montgomery? Do you think Bears try to fix offense by giving Montgomery more opportunities coming out of the bye? Thanks!

    • I thought Montgomery would beast Week 5 as well against Raiders. I was wrong. Bears are giving Montgomery plenty of opportunities… but they suck… If they can get their offense back on track, Montgomery will have several opportunities to score touchdowns this game. I am stubborn. I am giving Monty one more shot… this is his FINAL chance to earn my trust. The Saints defense is good, but the Bears D will be so amazing, that Monty will be given opportunities in the red zone and within the 10 yd line to score. Let’s go!