NFL Injuries with Dr. Raj – Fantasy Couch Podcast 75

We’re joined with Dr. Rajpal Brar, DPT of 3CB Performance to discuss injury news for players like Dalvin Cook, Devonta Freeman, Odell Beckham, Leonard Fournetee and fantasy football implications ! Dr. Raj is a Doctor Physical Therapy and avid fantasy football fan.

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As promised, we did a mock draft and here are the results from it. Dr. Raj drafted from the 12 spot, while I drafted from the 5 spot. Team grades are given below…
Draft board

Team Grades:

Team 1: B
You did very well for going Mahomes so early. Even though I’m not high on Lindsay, McCoy and Larry Fitzgerald, you still ended up with a very good team. If Mahomes finishes QB1 like he did last year, you got a good shot at winning the mock Super Bowl.

Team 2: C
Did I mention I hate Todd Gurley this year? Too much risk. I don’t get the Corey Davis pick. Eric Ebron will regress.

Team 3: C+
You crushed it the first 4 rounds, and then things went sour. Hunter Henry is intriguing, but to draft Kupp then Henry back-to-back is a bit too much for me with two ACL injuries in round 5 and round 6. You still ended up with a good team, but I round 5+6 combo left a sour taste in my mouth.

Team 4: B+
I love this team. I would have waited on the Bears D one more round, but that wasn’t terrible. You made some bold, risky moves, but that could pay off big time.

Team 5: A-
I easily crushed it this draft. Only knock is that I don’t have an amazing RB2/3, but I made up with that by drafting high-upside RBs like D’Onta Foreman, Justin Jackson, Justice Hill, Devin Singletary and Ryquell Armstead.

Team 6: C+
This would have been an A if Melvin wasn’t holding out. I just can’t take that type of risk in the first 2 rounds. Other than that, you did very well.

Team 7: B+
Not my style, but you did very well. Dalvin and Ertz are guys I avoid, but you didn’t get them at a bad spot if you like them. I don’t like Golden Tate, but you have other WRs that may step up. After your first two WRs, you are weak at that position.

Team 8: B-
You are on fire, but then hit a brick wall because you drafted OJ Howard. Tarik Cohen could regress and relies too much on the big home run plays. You should have went RB in Round 5 and then waited on a tight end. There was even a chance Howard would have been there Round 6. I still like the way you drafted overall and ended up with what would probably be a playoff team.

Team 9: B+/A-
I love this team except for the QB position. Your QB position is good, but it’s not great. You had a very good draft.

Team 10: C
You took on way too much risk in the early rounds, but I liked a lot of your later picks. Weird selection of QBs going Jimmy G round 12 then Trubisky Round 13.

Team 11: C+
Not a big fan of Cam Newton. AJ Green & Fournette is a good amount of risk to take in the first 4 rounds. Love your first two picks though. And DJ Moore Round 6 is not bad.

Team 12: B-
I don’t like Conner early–should have went Mixon. Other than that, pretty good team Dr. Raj!

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  1. Thanks Brain.

    Maybe I could’ve grabbed Aaron Jones (or Henry or Mack) at 3.2 but Gurley seemed the obvious choice. MY MISTAKE! Corey Davis is a WR1 on his team, I thought that was a good idea with 2s going off the board around then. Ebron may well regress – maybe a panic pick but I didn’t certainly didn’t want to go beyond McDonald (I note your rankings contradict my choice), so this allowed me to grab a top teir QB. I might do things differently next time.

    Thanks for the analysis.