Will D.K. Metcalf be a Bust or a Stud?

DK Metcalf analysis & predictions

D.K. Metcalf was the 64th overall draft pick in the NFL Draft by the Seattle Seahawks (the last pick of Round 2). Will D.K. Metcalf be a bust or will he be a stud? Why are there so many people calling him a bust just because of his agility score, 3 cone drill and 20 yard shuttle time? Metcalf has been one of the most polarizing NFL rookies I’ve seen. Here is my analysis on the young Ole Miss wide receiver and my projections on how he will perform his first two seasons. I also wanted to give you some fantasy football advice when it comes to D.K. as well! Make sure to smash that like button, subscribe and hit the bell icon so you won’t miss any future videos! Let’s go!

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