Best Ball Draft Results 2018

Fantasy Football Best Ball Draft

If you’re not familiar with what a best ball draft is, it’s pretty much a very serious, very competitive mock draft where there actually is a winner. You draft a team, but each week the computer starts the highest scoring players and optimizes your starting lineup so you earn the most fantasy points. It’s recommended that you draft a lot of backup players with different bye weeks because you will not be able to add any players off waivers/free agency nor make any trades. There is absolutely no team management throughout the season. Best Ball leagues are especially useful for people like me who love to participate in several competitive drafts but don’t have time to manage a dozen teams throughout the season — it gets way too hectic. In this video, we are doing a 10-Team Best Ball draft where the 1st place winner takes the entire $100. Here are the roster settings for this full PPR 18-round league:

1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
1 Team Defense

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Complete Draft Results (Draft Board)

Best Ball Draft Results
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We recently did a 20-team draft. You can checkout the video and written draft results for that draft here.

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