How to Play Fantasy Football (Signed Book)

Thank you for all the support and overwhelmingly positive feedback I’ve received from my book, How to Play Fantasy Football. How to Play Fantasy Football by Huseyin Aksu achieved bestseller status in all three Amazon categories, including Fantasy Sports and American Football.

The book is $20 (Free shipping in US) and no additional cost to get it signed.

This book was written for beginners, but it is truly for everybody who is interested in fantasy football, even if you’ve been playing the game for decades. This book gives you a different perspective on the ever-growing hobby of fantasy football. Why do we play? What is the real goal? Obviously, you want to win, but the real point is using sports as an escape from life and having fun. Fantasy sports amplifies that feeling and allows us average Joe’s to compete and be passionate about something. There are several strategies and different ways of approaching the your fantasy draft, managing your team and making sure you have the best overall experience when playing fantasy football.

The preface is by far my favorite chapter because it tells the story of my life and why I started this. There is a reason why I am so grateful and why I work so hard. My whole life everyone doubted me and I wanted to share my story about how I started this brand along with my buddies and our interesting journey. From meeting NBA ROY Tyreke Evans, to working for pro football legend John Madden and believing in the dream.

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