We just had the official 2017-2018 Fantasy Couch Fantasy Basketball Draft today! It was a great success. We held it on the ESPN platform. It was a 12-team league with category scoring. Here are the complete draft results round-by-round in chronological order. My team name is Fantasy Hoops Matt, of course. I had the 2nd overall pick in this snake draft.

2017-2018 NBA Fantasy Basketball Draft Results

Round 1
1. Team Papp: Giannis Antetokounmpo SF, Milwaukee Bucks
2. Fantasy Hoops Matt: Kevin Durant SF, Golden State Warriors
3. Team Gnacke: Russell Westbrook PG, Oklahoma City Thunder
4. Team condez: James Harden SG, Houston Rockets
5. Old School: Anthony Davis PF, New Orleans Pelicans
6. 408 franchise: LeBron James SF, Cleveland Cavaliers
7. 805 Playaz: Stephen Curry PG, Golden State Warriors
8. Team Thabeet: Karl-Anthony Towns C, Minnesota Timberwolves
9. Team Nicholas: John Wall PG, Washington Wizards
10. Team Corona: Kawhi Leonard SF, San Antonio Spurs
11. Team Mitchell: DeMarcus Cousins C, New Orleans Pelicans
12. Team hurtado: Nikola Jokic PF, Denver Nuggets

Round 2
13. Team hurtado: Rudy Gobert C, Utah Jazz
14. Team Mitchell: Hassan Whiteside PF, Miami Heat
15. Team Corona: Kyrie Irving PG, Boston Celtics
16. Team Nicholas: Chris Paul PG, Houston Rockets
17. Team Thabeet: Myles Turner PF, Indiana Pacers
18. 805 Playaz: Jimmy Butler SG, Minnesota Timberwolves
19. 408 franchise: Damian Lillard PG, Portland Trail Blazers
20. Old School: CJ McCollum PG, Portland Trail Blazers
21. Team condez: Paul George SF, Oklahoma City Thunder
22. Team Gnacke: Kemba Walker PG, Charlotte Hornets
23. Fantasy Hoops Matt: Kristaps Porzingis PF, New York Knicks
24. Team Papp: Draymond Green SF, Golden State Warriors

Round 3
25. Team Papp: Kyle Lowry PG, Toronto Raptors
26. Fantasy Hoops Matt: Gordon Hayward SG, Boston Celtics
27. Team Gnacke: Devin Booker SG, Phoenix Suns
28. Team condez: Bradley Beal SG, Washington Wizards
29. Old School: Khris Middleton SF, Milwaukee Bucks
30. 408 franchise: DeMar DeRozan SG, Toronto Raptors
31. 805 Playaz: Klay Thompson SG, Golden State Warriors
32. Team Thabeet: Mike Conley PG, Memphis Grizzlies
33. Team Nicholas: Blake Griffin PF, Los Angeles Clippers
34. Team Corona: Joel Embiid C, Philadelphia 76ers
35. Team Mitchell: Tim Hardaway Jr. SG, New York Knicks
36. Team hurtado: Paul Millsap PF, Denver Nuggets

Round 4
37. Team hurtado: Jeff Teague PG, Minnesota Timberwolves
38. Team Mitchell: Aaron Gordon PF, Orlando Magic
39. Team Corona: Dennis Schroder PG, Atlanta Hawks
40. Team Nicholas: Jusuf Nurkic C, Portland Trail Blazers
41. Team Thabeet: D’Angelo Russell PG, Brooklyn Nets
42. 805 Playaz: Marc Gasol C, Memphis Grizzlies
43. 408 franchise: Carmelo Anthony SF, Oklahoma City Thunder
44. Old School: Kevin Love PF, Cleveland Cavaliers
45. Team condez: Eric Bledsoe PG, Phoenix Suns
46. Team Gnacke: Brook Lopez C, Los Angeles Lakers
47. Fantasy Hoops Matt: Ben Simmons PF, Philadelphia 76ers
48. Team Papp: Al Horford C, Boston Celtics

Round 5
49. Team Papp: Lonzo Ball PG, Los Angeles Lakers
50. Fantasy Hoops Matt: Serge Ibaka PF, Toronto Raptors
51. Team Gnacke: Dwight Howard C, Charlotte Hornets
52. Team condez: Otto Porter Jr. SF, Washington Wizards
53. Old School: DeAndre Jordan C, Los Angeles Clippers
54. 408 franchise: Andrew Wiggins SG, Minnesota Timberwolves
55. 805 Playaz: Goran Dragic PG, Miami Heat
56. Team Thabeet: Elfrid Payton PG, Orlando Magic
57. Team Nicholas: Nikola Vucevic C, Orlando Magic
58. Team Corona: Clint Capela C, Houston Rockets
59. Team Mitchell: Andre Drummond C, Detroit Pistons
60. Team hurtado: Robert Covington PF, Philadelphia 76ers

Round 6
61. Team hurtado: Jrue Holiday PG, New Orleans Pelicans
62. Team Mitchell: Dennis Smith Jr. PG, Dallas Mavericks
63. Team Corona: Harrison Barnes SF, Dallas Mavericks
64. Team Nicholas: Ricky Rubio PG, Utah Jazz
65. Team Thabeet: Julius Randle PF, Los Angeles Lakers
66. 805 Playaz: Nicolas Batum SF, Charlotte Hornets
67. 408 franchise: Gorgui Dieng C, Minnesota Timberwolves
68. Old School: Victor Oladipo SG, Indiana Pacers
69. Team condez: LaMarcus Aldridge PF, San Antonio Spurs
70. Team Gnacke: Tobias Harris PF, Detroit Pistons
71. Fantasy Hoops Matt: Zach LaVine PG, Chicago Bulls
72. Team Papp: Gary Harris SG, Denver Nuggets

Round 7
73. Team Papp: Jamal Murray SG, Denver Nuggets
74. Fantasy Hoops Matt: Eric Gordon SG, Houston Rockets
75. Team Gnacke: Jae Crowder SF, Cleveland Cavaliers
76. Team condez: Dario Saric SF, Philadelphia 76ers
77. Old School: Danilo Gallinari SF, Los Angeles Clippers
78. 408 franchise: James Johnson SF, Miami Heat
79. 805 Playaz: Dwyane Wade SG, Cleveland Cavaliers
80. Team Thabeet: Reggie Jackson PG, Detroit Pistons
81. Team Nicholas: Avery Bradley SG, Detroit Pistons
82. Team Corona: Marquese Chriss PF, Phoenix Suns
83. Team Mitchell: Kent Bazemore SG, Atlanta Hawks
84. Team hurtado: Marvin Williams SF, Charlotte Hornets

Round 8
85. Team hurtado: Trevor Ariza SF, Houston Rockets
86. Team Mitchell: Evan Fournier SG, Orlando Magic
87. Team Corona: Lou Williams PG, Los Angeles Clippers
88. Team Nicholas: Wilson Chandler SF, Denver Nuggets
89. Team Thabeet: Willy Hernangomez C, New York Knicks
90. 805 Playaz: Kyle Kuzma PF, Los Angeles Lakers
91. 408 franchise: Jonas Valanciunas C, Toronto Raptors
92. Old School: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope SG, Los Angeles Lakers
93. Team condez: Isaiah Thomas PG, Cleveland Cavaliers
94. Team Gnacke: Rudy Gay SF, San Antonio Spurs
95. Fantasy Hoops Matt: Steven Adams C, Oklahoma City Thunder
96. Team Papp: Brandon Ingram PF, Los Angeles Lakers

Round 9
97. Team Papp: Markelle Fultz PG, Philadelphia 76ers
98. Fantasy Hoops Matt: Marcin Gortat C, Washington Wizards
99. Team Gnacke: Zach Randolph PF, Sacramento Kings
100. Team condez: George Hill PG, Sacramento Kings
101. Old School: Jeremy Lin PG, Brooklyn Nets
102. 408 franchise: Willie Cauley-Stein C, Sacramento Kings
103. 805 Playaz: Michael Beasley SF, New York Knicks
104. Team Thabeet: Josh Jackson SF, Phoenix Suns
105. Team Nicholas: TJ Warren SF, Phoenix Suns
106. Team Corona: Dion Waiters SG, Miami Heat
107. Team Mitchell: Nikola Mirotic PF, Chicago Bulls
108. Team hurtado: Enes Kanter C, New York Knicks

Round 10
109. Team hurtado: Jayson Tatum SF, Boston Celtics
110. Team Mitchell: Thaddeus Young SF, Indiana Pacers
111. Team Corona: Darren Collison PG, Indiana Pacers
112. Team Nicholas: Derrick Rose PG, Cleveland Cavaliers
113. Team Thabeet: Wesley Matthews SG, Dallas Mavericks
114. 805 Playaz: Tristan Thompson PF, Cleveland Cavaliers
115. 408 franchise: Nerlens Noel C, Dallas Mavericks
116. Old School: Greg Monroe PF, Milwaukee Bucks
117. Team condez: Markieff Morris PF, Washington Wizards
118. Team Gnacke: Pau Gasol PF, San Antonio Spurs
119. Fantasy Hoops Matt: JJ Redick SG, Philadelphia 76ers
120. Team Papp: Taurean Prince SF, Atlanta Hawks

Round 11
121. Team Papp: Dewayne Dedmon C, Atlanta Hawks
122. Fantasy Hoops Matt: Milos Teodosic SG, Los Angeles Clippers
123. Team Gnacke: Patrick Beverley PG, Los Angeles Clippers
124. Team condez: Rajon Rondo PG, New Orleans Pelicans
125. Old School: Marcus Smart PG, Boston Celtics
126. 408 franchise: Jabari Parker SF, Milwaukee Bucks
127. 805 Playaz: Mason Plumlee PF, Denver Nuggets
128. Team Thabeet: Kelly Olynyk C, Miami Heat
129. Team Nicholas: Will Barton SG, Denver Nuggets
130. Team Corona: Robin Lopez C, Chicago Bulls
131. Team Mitchell: Derrick Favors PF, Utah Jazz
132. Team hurtado: Buddy Hield SG, Sacramento Kings

Round 12
133. Team hurtado: Ersan Ilyasova PF, Atlanta Hawks
134. Team Mitchell: Maurice Harkless SF, Portland Trail Blazers
135. Team Corona: De’Aaron Fox PG, Sacramento Kings
136. Team Nicholas: Tyler Johnson SG, Miami Heat
137. Team Thabeet: Malcolm Brogdon SG, Milwaukee Bucks
138. 805 Playaz: Dirk Nowitzki PF, Dallas Mavericks
139. 408 franchise: Jordan Clarkson PG, Los Angeles Lakers
140. Old School: Evan Turner SG, Portland Trail Blazers
141. Team condez: Marcus Morris PF, Boston Celtics
142. Team Gnacke: Frank Kaminsky C, Charlotte Hornets
143. Fantasy Hoops Matt: Allen Crabbe SG, Brooklyn Nets
144. Team Papp: Josh Richardson SG, Miami Heat

Round 13
145. Team Papp: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson SF, Brooklyn Nets
146. Fantasy Hoops Matt: Ish Smith PG, Detroit Pistons
147. Team Gnacke: Justise Winslow SG, Miami Heat
148. Team condez: Bojan Bogdanovic SG, Indiana Pacers
149. Old School: Seth Curry SG, Dallas Mavericks
150. 408 franchise: Austin Rivers SG, Los Angeles Clippers
151. 805 Playaz: Jonathon Simmons SG, Orlando Magic
152. Team Thabeet: Rodney Hood SG, Utah Jazz
153. Team Nicholas: Trevor Booker PF, Brooklyn Nets
154. Team Corona: Ryan Anderson PF, Houston Rockets
155. Team Mitchell: CJ Miles SF, Toronto Raptors
156. Team hurtado: Tyler Ulis SG, Phoenix Suns

Round 14
157. Team hurtado: Terrence Ross SG, Orlando Magic
158. Team Mitchell: Donovan Mitchell SG, Utah Jazz
159. Team Corona: Dejounte Murray SG, San Antonio Spurs
160. Team Nicholas: Alex Len C, Phoenix Suns
161. Team Thabeet: Norman Powell SG, Toronto Raptors
162. 805 Playaz: Joe Ingles PF, Utah Jazz
163. 408 franchise: Al-Farouq Aminu SF, Portland Trail Blazers
164. Old School: Cody Zeller PF, Charlotte Hornets
165. Team condez: Jahlil Okafor C, Philadelphia 76ers
166. Team Gnacke: Tyreke Evans SF, Memphis Grizzlies
167. Fantasy Hoops Matt: John Collins PF, Atlanta Hawks
168. Team Papp: Taj Gibson PF, Minnesota Timberwolves

Screenshot of my squad:

Fantasy Basketball Draft Results 2017-2018

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