2017 Fantasy Football Player Rankings

Overall, PPR, Half PPR, by Position

Rankings by position have always been much more important than overall rankings when it comes to preparing for your fantasy football draft. For example, if you drafted a quarterback or a tight end, the overall rankings will be providing you with too much information since you know you won’t be drafting a QB or TE anytime in the near future, or maybe not at all the rest of the draft. Always look at rankings by position to help you make the right choice when drafting.

This is the deepest we’ve ever seen the quarterback and wide receiver position.

After some debate on whether you should select Ezekiel Elliott, Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell or David Johnson as the first pick overall, the debate has settled, and the clear-cut winner is David Johnson — here’s the reason why.

You’re not going to make your team in the first round, but you sure can screw up your entire team, so don’t do anything too crazy in Round 1. Analyzing winners teams, most of them made up their team in the mid rounds, getting great value for players that were big and exceeded value.

I will be updating these rankings regularly. You should be able to see the date these rankings were last updated just below, to the right.

Don’t forget to change ‘STD’ to ‘PPR’ if you’re in a PPR league.

Le'Veon Bell fantasy football rankings 2017

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