GIVEAWAY – 2 iPads and 8 NBA Jerseys

To enter the FanHaFanHalf Playoffs Premiere CLICK HERE and then hit the Join button.

2017 NBA Playoffs Contest

I’m having a giveaway for the 2017 NBA Playoffs which starts April 15. I will be giving away 8 NBA Jerseys for the April 15 and April 16 contests (free to enter) and 2 iPad Mini 4 tablets. One iPad Mini4 will be given to the top scorer of the Round 1, starting April 17. The second iPad will be awarded to the top scorer from all the contests in Round 2. All contests are $5 to enter, except the NBA jersey contests which are free. You do not need to deposit any money to enter.

Giveaway for the 2017 NBA Playoffs

I recommend registering and entering the contests as soon as you can, before spots fill up. There will be contests Tuesday and Wednesday, but there are no NBA games Thursday. The NBA jersey contests will likely be open Friday, April 14 so you can join early that day to secure your spot.

Let’s fill up these contests guys! Good luck. For more details on the FanHalf Playoffs Premiere and how to play click here.

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