With the fantasy basketball playoffs around the corner, here’s our updated schedule booster and playoff grid. As with the original schedule booster, it’s meant to help you make add/drop (or trade) decisions to maximize your roster.

Example: Say you’re considering who to add between Kentavious Caldwell-Pope or Evan Turner to boost the your end of rotation. I’d lean towards KCP even though Boston plays an extra game, because Detroit is higher up on the booster, meaning they play on more “off nights” when there’s few games. When there’s a full slate of games, you’ll most likely have other starters to play over both KCP and Turner some nights, making that pickup less valuable.

A great find on the wire will have 11-12 games AND be high up on the booster. Of course, the makeup of your roster, depth, needs, and settings (Categories or Points League) play a factor as well.

Fantasy Basketball Playoffs – PDF Downloads

2014-2015 NBA Playoff Schedule Analysis
CLICK HERE to download the 2014-2015 NBA Playoff Schedule Analysis

2014-2015 Total NBA Playoff Games
CLICK HERE to download the 2014-2015 Total NBA Playoff Games

NBA total games schedule courtesy of Basketball Monster

These PDF files will make much more sense once you download them and take a look. It will make the fantasy basketball playoffs a little easier and increase your chances of winning yourself a championship. Good luck down the stretch run!

As always, hit us up with any fantasy basketball questions on Twitter @FantasyCouch or hit me up on my personal handle @FantasyHoopsMat.

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