Injuries suck, it’s just that simple, but sitting around crying about it won’t make your player heal any faster. The only thing you can do is decide whether to drop the hurt player, try and trade the hurt player or ride it out until he returns. This decision should come down to three main factors: how good is the hurt player, how long will he be out and how well your team is playing. The better the player, the longer you can stash him until he’s ready to return. Also, the better your fantasy team is doing, the longer you can afford to hang on to an injured player. Teams ranked near the bottom of their league might want to consider moving on from an injured player sooner than a team ranked near the top. So let’s stop the crying and start making some moves.

NBA Fantasy Basketball Injury Updates

Ricky Rubio, Min PG

This one hurt. The Spanish sensation will be sidelined until January. Look for Mo Williams and Zack Lavine to run the show in Minnesota while Rubio is out. It will be hard to find any value in a trade, so if your team is doing well (ride-it-out), if not, a (drop) might be your only option.

Isaiah Thomas, Pho PG/SG

You would think someone of his size would recover from an ankle injury faster than he has. Drafted more as a boom-or-bust guy anyway, so go ahead and (ride-it-out).

George Hill, Ind PG/SG

He’s expected to make his season debut in two weeks. Indy will count on him even more this year with Paul George out. If you waited this long then (ride-it-out).

Kevin Martin, Min SG/SF

Martin will be spending the next 6+ weeks doing what he does best–recovering from injury. (Trade) him away if your team starts to slip, (trade) for him if your team is on top in a few weeks.

DeMar Derozan, Tor SG/SF

The high flier won’t be doing much jumping with a torn groin. Even though he avoided surgery, Derozan will still be out over a month. Look to pick up Terrance Ross or Lou Williams while Derozan is out. (Ride-it-out).

Terrance Jones, Hou SF/PF

He’s been spotted going through shooting drills, but still has no set return date. Jones started the season hot so there might be some takers in a (trade) if your team is doing bad. If your team is doing well, might want to offer a (trade) to acquire Jones before he returns.

DeMarcus Cousins, Sac PF/C

Cousins has been hospitalized for over a week with an illness, and rumor has ‘big Cuz’ returning in January. Ouch. It might be time to cut your losses and trade him while he has some value. (Trade)

DeMarcus Cousins and Andrew Bogut
Photo credit: Matthew Addie

David Lee, GS PF/C

Lee has missed most of the season with an injured hamstring, but the news is he will be back next week. Green has been money in Lee’s absence which will hurt Lee’s value. Wait for Lee to have a great game (ride-it-out), and then put him on the trading block. (Trade)

Dwight Howard, Hou PF/C

Superman has been grounded due to a knee injury. With a winning record, Houston has no reason to rush Howard back to the court, so he could miss even more time. (Trade) him away.

Nikola Pekovic, Min C

The big softy is at it again, this time with an injured wrist and ankle. He will be re-evaluated in a week. Gorgui Dieng has been playing well in his absence, so pick him up if you still can. (Drop)

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Ricky Rubio photo credit: darthpedrius

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