If someone would have told me before the season started that I would be writing a post solely based on the Minnesota Timberwolves, I might have deemed them a tad off kilter. Suggesting it would be about the possibility of fantasy relevance in a major way, my mind would quickly gravitate to the notion this person has or is currently on drugs. But here we are, and honestly, I am glad I get to shed a little light on what could be a promising future for the starting five, and possibly a certain first pick from the 2013 draft. For those that own these guys, you just might be thoroughly pleased at the kind of production coming your way.

Fantasy Basketball – Minnesota Timberwolves Players

Andrew Wiggins

In August, I wrote about how I felt it would be a bad situation if Wiggins went to Minnesota, and for the most part, the start of his season would prove me right. With Kevin Martin going down, the scales have tipped in his favor to actually be a very productive rookie, and cog in your fantasy machine. Over his last three games, he has scored 57 points, grabbed 16 boards, with 7 steals, 4 blocks, and made 4 (3’s). Clearly he will not help much in the FG% department (40%), but currently is making a strong case to being useful in a few different categories.

Mo Williams

The seasoned vet has found himself once again at the helm of an offense due to injuries in the starting rotation. Not only can Mo dish the ball (two games with 10 assists or more in his last three), he can also score at a very high rate if given the proper minutes, as we have seen in the past. With Rubio out for at least eight weeks, the increases across the board have already started, just know he is another player who is prone to a low percentage from the field when given the green light. His TO’s will rise as well, but nothing should stop you from making the Alabama star your next add if you need help at the PG spot.

Thaddeus Young

Recently returning from absence due to the passing of his mother, Thad is going to be out there every night playing with a heavy heart. Because I am that of a positive mindset, I believe this will, at some point, be the kind of situation where he finds success in such a sad time in his life. Who he is as person will triumph over his current obstacle, and I see no reason why he cannot be the kind of leader he was in Philly. This is someone I am looking to buy-low on because his stats have been down all year, obviously we now know why. It is my belief his ability to deliver across the board production will once again surface, making him someone owners should consider as a target.

Gorgui Dieng

It was only a matter of time before Pek went down for the first time, and it only took nine games into the season to get to this point. Expect Gorgui to thrive in his minutes giving you close to or better than a double-double every time on the floor, with a nice amount of blocks thrown in for good measure. We all remember how quite the waiver darling he was towards the end of the season helping many owners make a late run at the playoffs. As much as he should be owned in all leagues already, on ESPN, less than 30% feel he is worth rostering. That should change drastically in the next few days, so take a look and see if he is still on your wire now before it’s too late.

Corey Brewer of the Minnesota Timberwolves
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Corey Brewer

This guy just cannot seem to stay buried. Every season he is either going to be traded, or ride the bench because of the high volume of guards on his present team. Once again the odds are heavily in his favor, and he will have a chance to play close 30 minutes per game for about two months. Considering an average of 2.2 steals per game, and only seeing about 20 minutes in his first six outings, that number is definitely going to jump closer to three for the time being. He is a strong addition to this category and should be owned in all leagues. Expect his current PPG average of 11 to increase to about 14/15–in his last seven games he has not scored 13 points or better only one time.

Anthony Bennett

Before you go thinking I am the one who is hanging with Puff, the magic dragon, let me explain. Over his last five games he has scored double digit points four times, including a 20 point performance. The rebounds and assists could use a little shot in the arm, but the 0.8 blocks, and 53% from the field is certainly going to help owners out. This is the essence of a speculative add, and I ask the readers to look at it only as such. The minutes have seen an increase, which gives him the opportunity to produce, and for the most part, he has on a useful scale. With a ton of big men on the shelf right now, you can do worse.

Pick and choose which guy (if there is one) is most beneficial to helping the needs of your team and either make a move for him, or add from the wire if available. Although, they will not ultimately save your season, they have the chance to be welcomed additions. Make sure you follow me @BKHoops5 and Matt @FantasyHoopsMat for the kind of quality content that helps you win. You can listen to our fantasy basketball podcasts here, we’ll be coming out with a new episode soon so make sure to subscribe on iTunes!


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