You’re not a hardcore Fantasy Football League unless you’re playing for this Championship Belt. Trophies are a dime a dozen and just collect dust above your fireplace. Championship Belts can be taken anywhere to rub in the faces of your inferior competition. Wear it proudly into work, a bar or even the next barbecue. It’s much more fun than bringing a little trophy around.

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New Price: $99.00

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CLICK HERE to purchase your belt

Championship Belt Details

The belt shown in the image above is black with gold plates. Belt comes in either black or white color. Plates can be gold or silver color.

  • 55″ Length will fit around your waist or shoulder
  • Main buckle is 11″ x 9″
  • Side buckles are 4″ x 4″
  • End buckles are 3.5″ x 3.5″
  • Both end plates are left blank for engraving your league name, winner name, and anything else you want to engrave
  • Main buckle and all side buckles made of real metal. No PLASTIC!
  • Belt Strap made thick, high quality PU Leather
  • Be the envy of your entire league
  • $99.00 USD

We are able to bring you this awesome product thanks to our friends at Undisputed Belts. For more info and purchase information Click Here.

Not sure if this fantasy football championship belt is the perfect trophy for your league? Watch this awesome video.

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