If you could only hit rewind to before you made that first pick in your 2012 fantasy football draft…

Fantasy drafts would have a much different look then they did in August and early September.

Most drafts had a consensus 10 to 13 players that were selected among the first round and there were many other selections that have proved to be more valuable than many of the first round picks. Guys like Arian Foster, Ray Rice, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are players who have lived up to their expectations as a first round pick. However, the majority of players taken haven’t done the same.

Here are some of the players who find themselves on the wrong side of this fantasy draft revisited article along with a replacement for that player:

QB Disappointments: Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford

Newton and Stafford were popular at the start of the year because of very good seasons in 2011 but this year has been a different story for the two quarterbacks.

Two of the top scorers from yesteryear have been passed up by Robert Griffin III and Matt Ryan as they both have scored well passed their fifth and sixth round selections. Griffin III has passed for 1,601 yards and rushed for 479 yards giving him 2,080 all-purpose yards, while Ryan has passed for 1,756 yards and rushed for 67. Their 3,903 total yards is only less than Brady, Brees, Rodgers and Peyton Manning.

Although Newton and Stafford have produced this year, there are a number of quarterbacks who have managed to pass for more yards than the two play-callers mentioned. Andrew Luck (1,789) and Carson Palmer (1,758) have covered more ground than Newton (1,660), while Andy Dalton (1,892) and Joe Flacco (1,866) outperformed Stafford (1,820) from a yardage standpoint.

You may not be able to redo your draft but those who drafted Newton and Stafford can take something from this. Unless your quarterbacks have shown consistency over their careers, don’t let a player’s previous season be the reason you take someone in the first round. You’re much better off going with another quarterback later on that has the upside of a guy like Matt Ryan or Robert Griffin III.

RB Disappointments: Chris Johnson, Darren McFadden, Ryan Matthews

Adrian Peterson, Trent Richardson and Jamaal Charles are three running backs that all seemed to have their doubters at the beginning of the year, which was mainly due to injuries. However, the three backs named that went in the first round this past season all had injury history of their own.

Peterson showed everyone that his knee wouldn’t hinder his overall production as a football player as the Minnesota running back has rushed for 652 yards and three touchdowns.

Many thought Richardson would waste away in Cleveland playing alongside fellow rookie Brandon Weeden, but Richardson stepped up in a big way this year rushing for 348 yards and four touchdowns. Much of his success is also due to his effectiveness as a receiving option as he is fifth in receptions among running backs and is third in receiving yards for running backs with 197 yards.

Charles went down with an ACL injury last season carrying the ball just 12 times in two games. But this season it seems as though his quarterback, Matt Cassel is the one recovering from the injury.

Charles has averaged over five yards a carry each season since he was drafted in 2008 and this season looks to be much of the same as he has is averaging just over five yards per carry in the six games he’s played in this year. Charles slipped in drafts this year because of his injury but will certainly be a first round selection if he continues to produce at the rate he currently is.

WR Disappointments: Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald

Call it the Madden Curse or call it a down year, Megatron has had his worst season as a wide receiver despite his 66 targets which is tied for seventh among all wide outs. Megatron has scored touchdown number 50 this season but he’s been unable to go beyond that. Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald have been as inconsistent as they come this year as both receivers have had just one game that they have recorded more than 100 yards.

Victor Cruz, A.J. Green and Percy Harvin have all recorded three 100 yard games and scored. They have also been able to get into the end zone at an incredible rate scoring 17 times combined this year compared to just six scores for the three receivers who went in most drafts first round.

Unfortunately for those who drafted the wrong guys this year there is no rewind in fantasy football…

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