Here are the 2011 mock draft results in which I participated in. My team name was and had the 9th pick in a 12-man snake league with a flex roster. Expect the unexpected in the first round for this year’s draft. I’ve seen some pick Tom Brady as the first overall pick, and I’ve seen Maurice Jones-Drew drafted in the third round. Directly below is my roster, but keep scrolling down to see the results of the entire draft.

Team -Roster
Player Position Round Overall Pick Projectionss
Matt Schaub QB 4 40 295.8
Felix Jones RB 6 64 131
Maurice Jones-Drew RB 1 9 198.4
DeSean Jackson WR 3 33 146.4
Calvin Johnson WR 2 16 176.8
Vernon Davis TE 5 57 118.2
Chad Ochocinco RB-WR 7 81 115
Rob Bironas K 14 160 114.3
Ravens DST 11 129 192.7
Sam Bradford QB 12 136 255.8
LaDainian Tomlinson RB 13 153 87.6
Beanie Wells RB 8 88 109.8
Lance Moore RB-WR 9 105 99.8
Hines Ward RB-WR 10 112 108.6

Looking at my screen after completing my fantasy football 2011 mock draft

Mock Draft Results – 12 Man League Flex Roster

Round 1
1 DJDQ Johnson, Chris RB TEN
2 Stugots* Peterson, Adrian RB MIN
3 49ers Foster, Arian RB HOU
4 quinness Rice, Ray RB BAL
5 downtown giants* Charles, Jamaal RB KC
6 Doc’s KBG’s Rodgers, Aaron QB GB
7 Dutchmen Vick, Michael QB PHI
8 Jacked up McCoy, LeSean RB PHI
9 Jones-Drew, Maurice RB JAC
10 JP Johnson, Andre WR HOU
11 Team z Jackson, Steven RB STL
12 Caaetan Cowboys1 White, Roddy WR ATL
Round 2
13 Caaetan Cowboys1 Mendenhall, Rashard RB PIT
14 Team z Brees, Drew QB NO
15 JP Turner, Michael RB ATL
16 Johnson, Calvin WR DET
17 Jacked up McFadden, Darren RB OAK
18 Dutchmen* Forte, Matt RB CHI
19 Doc’s KBG’s Gore, Frank RB SF
20 downtown giants* Brady, Tom QB NE
21 quinness Rivers, Philip QB SD
22 49ers Manning, Peyton QB IND
23 Stugots Fitzgerald, Larry WR ARI
24 DJDQ Blount, LeGarrette RB TB
Round 3
25 DJDQ Jennings, Greg WR GB
26 Stugots Hillis, Peyton RB CLE
27 49ers Bradshaw, Ahmad RB NYG
28 quinness Greene, Shonn RB NYJ
29 downtown giants* Wallace, Mike WR PIT
30 Doc’s KBG’s Jackson, Vincent WR SD
31 Dutchmen* Nicks, Hakeem WR NYG
32 Jacked up Wayne, Reggie WR IND
33 Jackson, DeSean WR PHI
34 JP Moreno, Knowshon RB DEN
35 Team z Grant, Ryan RB GB
36 Caaetan Cowboys1 Austin, Miles WR DAL
Round 4
37 Caaetan Cowboys1 Romo, Tony QB DAL
38 Team z Clark, Dallas TE IND
39 JP Colston, Marques WR NO
40 Schaub, Matt QB HOU
41 Jacked up Best, Jahvid RB DET
42 Dutchmen* Benson, Cedric RB CIN
43 Doc’s KBG’s* Bowe, Dwayne WR KC
44 downtown giants* Marshall, Brandon WR MIA
45 quinness Williams, DeAngelo RB CAR
46 49ers Williams, Mike WR TB
47 Stugots Harvin, Percy WR MIN
48 DJDQ Gates, Antonio TE SD
Round 5
49 DJDQ Holmes, Santonio WR NYJ
50 Stugots Maclin, Jeremy WR PHI
51 49ers Lloyd, Brandon WR DEN
52 quinness Welker, Wes WR NE
53 downtown giants* Bryant, Dez WR DAL
54 Doc’s KBG’s Ingram, Mark RB NO
55 Dutchmen* Witten, Jason TE DAL
56 Jacked up Manningham, Mario WR NYG
57 Davis, Vernon TE SF
58 JP Ryan, Matt QB ATL
59 Team z Boldin, Anquan WR BAL
60 Caaetan Cowboys1 Mathews, Ryan RB SD
Round 6
61 Caaetan Cowboys1 Finley, Jermichael TE GB
62 Team z Floyd, Malcom WR SD
63 JP Thomas, Daniel RB MIA
64 Jones, Felix RB DAL
65 Jacked up Johnson, Steve WR BUF
66 Dutchmen* Green-Ellis, BenJarvus RB NE
67 Doc’s KBG’s* Lynch, Marshawn RB SEA
68 downtown giants* Jackson, Fred RB BUF
69 quinness Garcon, Pierre WR IND
70 49ers Britt, Kenny WR TEN
71 Stugots Freeman, Josh QB TB
72 DJDQ Roethlisberger, Ben QB PIT
Round 7
73 DJDQ Addai, Joseph RB IND
74 Stugots Williams, Ryan RB ARI
75 49ers Daniels, Owen TE HOU
76 quinness Tolbert, Mike RB SD
77 downtown giants* Winslow, Kellen TE TB
78 Doc’s KBG’s Steelers DST
79 Dutchmen* Moss, Santana WR WAS
80 Jacked up* Stafford, Matthew QB DET
81 Ochocinco, Chad WR NE
82 JP* Gronkowski, Rob TE NE
83 Team z Thomas, Pierre RB NO
84 Caaetan Cowboys1* Stewart, Jonathan RB CAR
Round 8
85 Caaetan Cowboys1* Collie, Austin WR IND
86 Team z Edwards, Braylon WR SF
87 JP* Packers DST
88 Wells, Beanie RB ARI
89 Jacked up* Gonzalez, Tony TE ATL
90 Dutchmen* Jets DST
91 Doc’s KBG’s Smith, Steve WR CAR
92 downtown giants* Eagles DST
93 quinness Graham, Jimmy TE NO
94 49ers Jacobs, Brandon RB NYG
95 Stugots Thomas, Mike WR JAC
96 DJDQ Amendola, Danny WR STL
Round 9
97 DJDQ Rice, Sidney WR SEA
98 Stugots Olsen, Greg TE CAR
99 49ers Jones, Julio WR ATL
100 quinness* Jones, James WR GB
101 downtown giants* Rackers, Neil K HOU
102 Doc’s KBG’s Bush, Michael RB OAK
103 Dutchmen* Crosby, Mason K GB
104 Jacked up* Patriots DST
105 Moore, Lance WR NO
106 JP* Janikowski, Sebastian K OAK
107 Team z Spiller, C.J. RB BUF
108 Caaetan Cowboys1* Round 10
109 Caaetan Cowboys1* Brown, Josh K STL
110 Team z Sims-Walker, Mike WR STL
111 JP* Hightower, Tim RB WAS
112 Ward, Hines WR PIT
113 Jacked up* Gostkowski, Stephen K NE
114 Dutchmen* Torain, Ryan RB WAS
115 Doc’s KBG’s* Celek, Brent TE PHI
116 downtown giants* Sproles, Darren RB NO
117 quinness Cutler, Jay QB CHI
118 49ers Flacco, Joe QB BAL
119 Stugots Starks, James RB GB
120 DJDQ* Giants DST
Round 11
121 DJDQ* Buehler, David K DAL
122 Stugots Cowboys DST
123 49ers* Chargers DST
124 quinness Burress, Plaxico WR NYJ
125 downtown giants* Manning, Eli QB NYG
126 Doc’s KBG’s Meachem, Robert WR NO
127 Dutchmen* Murray, DeMarco RB DAL
128 Jacked up* Bush, Reggie RB MIA
129 Ravens DST
130 JP* Jennings, Rashad RB JAC
131 Team z Kaeding, Nate K SD
132 Caaetan Cowboys1* Ford, Jacoby WR OAK
Round 12
133 Caaetan Cowboys1* Bess, Davone WR MIA
134 Team z Saints DST
135 JP* Green, A.J. WR CIN
136 Bradford, Sam QB STL
137 Jacked up* Simpson, Jerome WR CIN
138 Dutchmen* Williams, Roy WR CHI
139 Doc’s KBG’s* Bryant, Matt K ATL
140 downtown giants* Branch, Deion WR NE
141 quinness Hernandez, Aaron TE NE
142 49ers* Hartley, Garrett K NO
143 Stugots Nelson, Jordy WR GB
144 DJDQ* Crabtree, Michael WR SF
Round 13
145 DJDQ* Morris, Maurice RB DET
146 Stugots Cundiff, Billy K BAL
147 49ers* Lewis, Marcedes TE JAC
148 quinness 49ers DST
149 downtown giants* Pettigrew, Brandon TE DET
150 Doc’s KBG’s* Cassel, Matt QB KC
151 Dutchmen* Cooley, Chris TE WAS
152 Jacked up* Burleson, Nate WR DET
153 Tomlinson, LaDainian RB NYJ
154 JP* Jones, Jacoby WR HOU
155 Team z Murphy, Louis WR OAK
156 Caaetan Cowboys1* Jones, Thomas RB KC
Round 14
157 Caaetan Cowboys1* Evans, Lee WR BAL
158 Team z Heap, Todd TE ARI
159 JP* Mason, Derrick WR NYJ
160 Bironas, Rob K TEN
161 Jacked up* Miller, Zach TE SEA
162 Dutchmen* Smith, Torrey WR BAL
163 Doc’s KBG’s* Robiskie, Brian WR CLE
164 downtown giants* Knox, Johnny WR CHI
165 quinness Akers, David K SF
166 49ers* Driver, Donald WR GB
167 Stugots Garrard, David QB JAC
168 DJDQ* Benn, Arrelious WR TB

This draft was done with ESPN was fairly pleasant and helpful for a 12-man mock draft.

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