1. Chone Figgins – His first season in Seattle has been beyond a disaster. After batting nearly .300, stealing 42 bases and scoring 114 runs for the Angels, Figgins is batting near an anemic .230, no home runs and is on pace to score just 70 runs for the Mariners. For a third basemen to have such a low batting average and not a single home run is just abysmal. Even though he has never been much of a power hitter, he has enough speed to turn singles into doubles but not when he can’t get on base.
Still owned in an alarming 97 percent of ESPN leagues, Figgins was a player drafted in the middle and early rounds and owners don’t want to give him up. The Mariners have the worst offense in the American League and are only better than the pathetic Pittsburgh Pirates. Figgins isn’t going to go on some hot streak worth keeping him around and Seattle is going to continue to be terrible. Cut your losses and dump Figgins now, the worst pick of 2010 fantasy drafts without question.

2. Derrek Lee – The perennial all-star is having a terrible year after an impressive 2009 season. Having 11 home runs isn’t bad, but having a batting average around .240 is going to lead him to finish the season with less than 80 RBIs just one season from having 111. The subject of trade rumors, a change of scenery might be good for Lee and raise his value but it’s hard to see him getting traded with him struggling so much.
Coming off a monster season, Lee was drafted high and remains owned in 83 percent of ESPN Leagues. First base is too important of a position to wait for Lee to turn it around when they’re are plenty of players having much better seasons. Benching Lee for an extended period should be done if room is available on your bench.

3. Aramis Ramirez – Across the diamond from the struggling Derrek Lee stands the equally struggling Ramirez, whose batting average down near .220 along with Lee’s struggles has led the Cubs to another disappointing season. Ramirez also has 11 home runs which isn’t terrible, but he isn’t going to finish with nearly 30 home runs like he is capable of.
The Cubs are a mess and a replacement is needed at third base if you still have Ramirez in your starting lineup. Owned in 81 percent of ESPN leagues, Ramirez owners waiting for a hot streak are betting off sitting him until it actually happens. The entire Cubs offense needs get going in order for Ramirez have adequate opportunities for runs and RBIs, making it an easy decision for him to be sent to the bench.

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