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The most impactful international signings and where we would draft them are revealed in this video.

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Prospects and young up-and-coming MLB players is the favorite fantasy baseball topic that Andrew Eggers likes to discuss.

Fantasy Baseball Video: Top 10 Sleepers for 2015

Every successful fantasy baseball owner knows that your team is really made in the mid-late rounds of the draft by knowing which sleepers to target. In this video, we reveal our top 10 fantasy baseball sleepers.

We reveal in detail why we selected each player to be featured on this list of top 10 sleepers, but here is a quick list of our 10 guys:
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2015 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

2015 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

Fantasy baseball sleepers come in many different forms. Some are young prospects with high ceilings and a limited sample size of opportunity. Others could come in the form of an aging vet with something to prove. The key here is finding value where others don’t and there’s some players that offer more to the table than their counterparts.

That is why it’s imperative to shy away, or run from the oxymoron that is “popular sleepers.” After doing some extensive research, I’ve compiled a list of true sleepers that will allow you to garner value in your draft that your competition will not.

Complete with the ingredients to give yourself a structured draft plan and have an idea of what your fellow drafters will be doing, Fantasy Couch has offered up a list of 10 sleepers that should be underlined, highlighted and eventually put into your starting lineup. And hopefully, your team takes the form of a playoff contender that has a chance at winning the fantasy baseball championship belt.

2015 MLB Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

A.J. Pollock, Ari OF

Pollock was en route to an impressive 2014 campaign before he took a fastball to the hand that sidelined him for three months. He’s far from being the superstar D-Back fans hope he can be, but the early exit caused by a Johnny Cueto pitch has pushed the former first round pick (17th overall) too far down draft boards. In 265 at-bats last year the 24-year-old Pollock hit .301 with 41 runs, 19 doubles, seven homers, and 12 steals. Pollock also registered an OPS of .851, but that was better than Robinson Cano, Jose Altuve and Freddie Freeman.
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